Heart tattoos

Heart tattoos

Heart is eternal, never growing old sign of love and romance; this is the embodiment of life, vital force of man. Courage, friendship, love, unity, the source of life, and sometimes pain and suffering - all of this is also embodied in this ancient and popular symbol. The value of heart tattoo for each person is different; this is due primarily to the person wearing it and its relation to a tattoo. And, of course, it is because of the way the image of the character, decomposition and context, in which the heart is drawn.

Since ancient times in many cultures, people, people came to the conclusion that the heart is not just an organ for pumping blood through the body. Noticed that emanated from him feelings and emotions. Heart loves, heart hates, heart joys and sorrows, it take the most courageous decisions.

Today, the art of tattoo is often used images of the heart with the inscription. The inscription on the heart or on the ribbon intertwine it often indicates the name of a loved one. A classic example is the tattoo that says "MOM" which translates as "mother." Heart tattoos were popular around the world among bikers and sailors during the second part of the twentieth century. And during the Great Patriotic War tattoo heart reminded employees of the family, for which they are fighting.

The symbol of the heart is also present in some religions. The Catholic Church honors the annual feast of the Sacred Heart of Christ. A heart with a thorny wreath became a symbol of the suffering and pain that Jesus suffered for the saving of mankind.

Heart with wings means flying over all the land in the name of your love. You can often see the tattoo imaging the broken heart. It is a symbol of lost love, disappointment and suffering because of it. Persons punch tattoo on the memory of a loved one, which cannot be forgotten. Such a tattoo like that, from life to death and from love to hate is just one step.

If you draw a heart in conjunction with arrows and sword, or it is no doubt a sign of courage and bravery. Tattoo noble and brave hearts soaked grounds of the medieval, the time of Christ, hiking and chivalrous exploits.

Heart pierced by a dagger in the tattoo means to change. Heart pierced by an arrow, means a sickly sweet, bitter-sweet bite of love. The arrow shows a directed flow of active energy.

A heart of gold is a symbol of God, the symbol of his consciousness as a source of life. Black heart, usually illustrates the 'darkness of the soul, "or great sorrow. White heart in 1999 has become an international symbol of nursing.

As you can see, the value of the image of the heart depends on many factors, primarily on the context and decomposition of the picture, just the color, and, of course, on the reason of its application the man, and the relationship of the media itself to such a tattoo.

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